SIMPLE 2.6 is now available to download It contains fixes for bugs with corrupted documents and document properties. It also contains a new Email module, which can be enabled for mentors and/or learners in the Site Settings area. This allows users to quickly draft simple HTML email documents from within SIMPLE, rather than having to […]


A new version of SIMPLE is now available from the downloads page. This version contains several bug fixes, including: – greater storage space for documents, preventing document corruption – fix for issue with View Profile page – fix for problem adding events to Calendar  

iPad Plugin and SIMPLE 2.4

A new plugin and accompanying documentation is available for download on the plugins page. This plugin allows users to email documents from their iPad to their drafts folder.   A new version of the SIMPLE Platform is also available to download. It includes minor bug fixes, and now insists on unique email addresses for user […]

SIMPLE Platform 2.3

The latest version of the SIMPLE Platform is now available to download, which includes critical bug fixes. Go to the download page to download.

SIMPLE Platform 2.2

Version 2.2 of the SIMPLE Platform is now available to download from here. This new version of SIMPLE is a major release and requires MySQL as the database server. This is because the MDB2 database abstraction layer has been removed. This is a major revision which should ensure that installation of the SIMPLE Platform is […]

SIMPLE Platform 2.0 beta

The beta version of the SIMPLE Platform 2.0 is now available to download. As this is a beta, there may be some minor bugs outstanding. Please note that this version requires PHP 5.3.

SIMPLE Platform version 1.1.4

The latest version of the platform is now available to download from: This includes minor bug fixes, such as fixing permissions for installing projects.

Usability Review – feedback wanted

Version 2 of the SIMPLE Platform will provide a more usable interface. A document reviewing the current software interface is now available to download: SIMPLE_Platform_Heuristic_Evaluation This contains suggestions on how to improve usability in version 2. We welcome discussion of these suggestions, or any of your own, on the forums. You can also email me […]

New SIMPLE Community site

As you can see, we’ve updated the SIMPLE Community website. Hopefully it’s now a bit easier to navigate. In the coming weeks, we’ll also be going through and updating all documentation. There will also be a new section for Plugins, where plugins developed by the core team and others can be shared.

Update on SIMPLE things…

Michael Hughes has now moved on to other things at Strathclyde University. He’s being replaced for the next eight months or so by Gavin Maxwell, who was also part of the original SIMPLE project, and who will be working on the next iteration of the toolset, as well as improving the platform interface, and generally […]

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