Update on SIMPLE things…

Michael Hughes has now moved on to other things at Strathclyde University. He’s being replaced for the next eight months or so by Gavin Maxwell, who was also part of the original SIMPLE project, and who will be working on the next iteration of the toolset, as well as improving the platform interface, and generally troubleshooting on the technical forum. Any issues with the software, just drop him a line on the forum.

Later this week John Garvey and I will be presenting what we’re doing with SCs and SIMPLE at the FutureEd Conference at Harvard Law School — see http://www.law.harvard.edu/programs/plp/pages/future_ed_conference.php, and http://www.nyls.edu/centers/harlan_scholar_centers/institute_for_informa… for the detailed programme. Will post stuff up here when I return.

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